Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ironman Augusta 70.3 Race Week

Well time flew and Race Week is here. I love race week. It’s a week full of nervous excitement. Am I nervous? Yes but it’s a good kind of nervous. I feel that I am as ready as I can be at this point so I am looking forward to getting out there and “playing”.

I have been struggling to come up with my race expectations. I have a strong competitive side but I also am trying to be realistic so I don’t set myself up for a crushing let down. So my main plan is to go out there and have fun while at the same time attempting to push hard and see where I fall in the end. I will be ecstatic just to finish but I would love to do so in the 6 ½ hour range for my first 70.3. Regardless I am going to go out there with a smile and have fun. I believe it takes experience in order to come up with the best execution plan so I am going to pay close attention to how I feel so I can note where I need more work. Therefore, my dream finish time can be more achievable when I pick out 70.3 race #2. I look at this as a Win Win situation. Now to get out there have some fun and learn!

Taper week has been going rather smooth for me this go around. My first tri, back in May, I was a nervous wreck so I did not taper as well. I have more of the calm before the storm feeling now. Probably because I sort of know what to expect now more so then I did then. I do have a new personal rule I will share:
  • No heavy lifting, esp. legs 1 1/2 weeks before the race.
My old “rule” was the week of the race = no more lifting. Well going by this self made rule I lifted hard and heavy last week (non race week) and have been paying for it in my legs the last 5 days. So that being said I changed my rule and have learned my lesson. I took Tuesday off completely from all activities just to give my legs another free day to stop hurting.

I have changed up my gear since my first tri. I have already introduced you to Koa (Here) my new ride.

We are getting along rather well. I am still adjusting to the aero position but it gets better / more comfortable with each ride. I have not been professionally fitted to my bike simply due to lack of time. It would have been much easier had there been a place here I could have taken it to have done. But I have been tweaking it the best I can and know how. I did a lot of reading on proper fitting and measurements were taken and the bike was adjusted and readjusted. My poor hubby would get home from work and I would be waiting in the garage with the tools so he could do his magic. Bit of background – Matt built bikes as a job when he was working on his bachelor’s degree. So he knows all about the parts and such of the bike not really about fitting someone to it but he has LOT’s of love for patients with me and my “that does not feel right” “that’s needs to be more this way”. Fun times.

I got an interesting package in the mail last week. My dad knows a pro surfer who found out I was doing the Ironman August 70.3 and had his sponsors over at O’Neill send me a sweet wet suit. He promised it would “make me faster”. I thought that was rather awesome! 

Yes I have a tendency to wear my hat a bit sideways.
My Dad sent me some new Brooks T7 running shoes a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying them. So I will probably wear them in the race. My mom sent me a new 2XU outfit. Seriously, I know everyone says this but my PARENTS are AWESOME. They are some of the most supportive people I know and I am so grateful I have them in my corner. 

In 4 days I will hopefully have figured out my Identity crisis (here). My race number is 2817 if you care to stalk me on race day just click (Here).

Good luck to anyone who is racing this weekend! Till next time Keep Smiling!



  1. Enjoy your reward for all your hard work

  2. You are going to surprise the hell out of yourself with this race. Wait and see! Wish I could follow you but being that I will be climbing on my bike at about 5mph at 15% grade at times, I probably won't be able to so I will check in with you after fo sho!

  3. Good luck this weekend!! You will do amazing!!! Can't wait for the recap!

  4. You look like the pro, and I bet you are going to race like a pro... have fun out there.

    Oh one more thing I hope you have swum in your new suit?

  5. ack! super duper good luck this weekend!

  6. AW! Good luck lady! Can't wait to meet you. I'll be at the expo/bike racking/pre-race stuff on Saturday. First one to hug the other's leg....gets to be weirder! lol