Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Tri Suit Test Run - Winning!

I finally got the chance to take my new Tri suit for a test run. As mentioned before I purchased the Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Tri Suit for my first Tri (which is only 24 days away) with the thinking I would probably send it back since the thought of wearing a one-piece is not on my list of stylish "cool" things to do.

So needless to say I waited a couple of days before I got up the nerve to try it on. I was a little worried about how it was going to fit because at 5'8 I find it hard sometimes to find shirts that will cover my tummy area since my torso is rather long. And lets be honest who wants to run a race with the uncomfortable camel toe /lady wedgie wedgie I hate to be so blunt about it but seriously I would imagine this should be taken into consideration esp since its a one-piece. So with this in mind I put on the suit.

I could not get over how small I looked in this suit.

Let me be the first to point out I know NOTHING about how the suit should feel or what to look for in a good suit. I just know I like anything that that is comfortable and does a good job of keeping me cool and drys fast. The first thing I noticed was how well the suit fit. I mean it was perfect. It is like putting on a new layer of skin. Its so light I kept looking down to make sure I had something on.

I got on my bike and did a nice 18 miles with no pain. The padding is hardly noticeable by looking at the suit but does the job on the bike! The legs did not pull up at all while on the ride but I have found all my Perl Izumi shorts stay in place.

I then took of for what was going to be a 6 mile run but it was cut in 1/2 because my running partner (my lab Blue) was attacked and bitten by a dog. I continued to look down to make sure I had something on. This suit is so light and form fitting you can't even tell your covered. Needless to say I did not have any issues with the suit rubbing or giving me a wedgie! Since the run part was done in temps near 85 I took the shoulder straps down for the last mile and just ran with the sports bra that is provided with the suit. Even with the straps down I did not feel them flapping in the wind like you would expect from a good pair of overalls.

Add silly face here...
The suit is very good at drying fast and keeping you cool. Therefore I give this suit an A+ and I will be keeping it for my race - not that I could have sent it back after my sweat session. Money well spent!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I’m a runner and have been for as long as I can remember. The only gear I have ever needed was a good pair of high top running shoes!

Okay, I was little and did not know any better. I am currently running in a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS10. 
See Proof no more High-top running shoes for me. These Brooks are the first pair of running shoes I have ever owned that were not Nike. I like them but I am ready to go back to the Nike Free Running Shoes. Yes, I am a minimalist runner I will admit I have a pair or Vibram KSO 5-fingers that I will do short runs in when I feel that my form needs some work. Admitting this makes me feel like I just jumped on the barefoot running bandwagon that is going around the running world but will eventually fade out... Sigh. Anyway, moving along. I have learned along my journey into the world of a triathlete more gear is required. Therefore, I have been trying to figure out what all I need before race day. This is where I need the help of you triathletes! I am sure I'm missing something I just don't know what that something is... Here is what I have thus far.

Books: Not a requirement but I love to read and I also like to know everything I can about what I'm getting myself into. The Triathletes Training Bible and Your First Triathlon both by Joe Friel. I just got these two in the mail yesterday so I have not even looked at them yet. I used Training Plans for Multisport Athletes by Gale Bernhardt to help tweak my training schedule. And Born to Run is what I read when I am forced to ride my bike on the trainer ( yes the book about the barefoot running people/tribe)

Swim: I have a pair of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 swim goggles and a speedo swim cap.

Bike: I have a very basic Gavin, what they call a Tri bike, but really its just a road bike with aero bars. I bought this bike as a trial bike. I want to make sure this is something I truly wish to get into before I spend the money on a nice "true" Tri bike. So far I have not had any issues with the bike. Thankfully!

Of course I have two water bottles, helmet, gloves, glasses, and I have a spare tire and flat tire fixer tool (Complements of my wonderful husband!) Not that I know how to fix or replace a bike tire. Mathew is supposed to be giving me a class on that before the race. Oh, I also have a Fuel bag on the bike to carry my Gu Chomps.

Run: My non-high-top running shoes =). I was told by a lady at a local 5K last weekend I would need to get a race number belt. I was a little worried about this because I don't like to wear anything, other than my IPod, on me when I run. But I understand where it would save time in the transition area. Less time trying to pin my number on my shirt. So I went to Amazon and got a FuelBelt Gel ready number holder. I need to run with it a few times before the race to make sure it does not end up like my "quagmire" water bottle run. She also suggested I invest in some quick laces for my shoes so I got some of those as well. I need to save as much time as possible -so I don't come in last =).  I always wear my Garmin Forerunner 305 so I will have that along with my RoadId. Side note: I strongly believe everyone should have some form of road Id, this is coming from my work experience responding to calls for a vehicle vs pedestrian/cyclist. Ugh, the thoughts and images just make me cringe. Please people some form of ID helps us expedite medical attention and contact your family. Okay off the soapbox. Other than my running hat and Oakley's I normally wear that is about it. 

Then it hit me WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR.... Okay so I am a girl and once I figured out I needed to wear something that I can do all three events in I panicked. My running shorts and t-shirts are not going to cut it for this type of race. So I did what I do and I got online and starting looking for an outfit. I don't have a clue if its better to get a "tri suit" one piece or go with a two piece suit... So I did what any newbie would do I figured I would order one and see how it felt on then if I don't like it I would send it back and get the other kind. Ha! So I searched for an outfit that I liked and of course was somewhat cute, if you can call a one piece cute... I decided to get the Tri suit first and try it. Now I am not a fan, not even a little, of a one piece anything. But I figured I would at least give it a try. Here is what I got:
The Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool Tri Suit. I got it in the mail yesterday and tried it on. This thing fits like a glove I LOVE it! Seriously, I never thought I would like it at all but it feels great. I don't think it will be restricting at all. So there it is I guess I will be doing my first race in my new black and green tri suit. I still may get the two piece version of this one since I like the way it looks but I guess I should make sure this is for me first ... right =)

Am I missing anything???? 

All the Cool Kids are Doing It...

I would like to take a moment and share with you a FREE, yes you heard me right, a FREE super cool customization that you can add to your blog.  Dion Lynk from Favicon Fixer is on a mission to give all us bloggers a Favicon. If you will look at the top of my page where the tabs are you will see the nice big orange/white B is no longer there and in its place is a blue silhouette runner with elements from my blog background. All you have to do is add him as a blogger buddy and send him your blog addy and your email address and he will have you a Favicon in 24 hours or less. Check him out and Thanks Dion Lynk for my cool new addition!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Its Official, I registered for my first Triathlon today 11global Lake Oconee. I knew I was going to attempt do it but now that I have paid for it it seems a bit more real. I'm SUPER nervous. Did I bite off more than I can chew??? What in the world was I thinking doing an Olympic distance for my first Tri rather than a Sprint Distance??  Ugh, I have this feeling that I will come in last place after everyone has already gone home. I guess that will be okay since I just want to see if I can do it. Its not like I'm looking to break any records but I am so competitive that my little ego would be crushed. Maybe this is how everyone feels before they embark on such an event. How was your first Tri?    

Friday, April 1, 2011

Justice In Motion

I have mentioned before that I love to run in local 5ks that are for a good cause. Well tomorrow morning I will be running in the Justice in Motion 5K here in Valdosta. This race holds a close place in my heart because it’s put on by the local women’s rape crisis center - The Haven. The race is a kick off for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Therefore, I have decided to run the race not for me so no 1st place finishes, no PR’s, no competition should be expected. I will run the race for the faces I often times find haunting my dreams. The faces of the women, children, and men I have come in contact with due to some form of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse. I have decided that I will focus on one name, face, and story for every minute I run. I will give thanks that they, the victim, had the courage to call for help. And I will give thanks that I was able to provide some form or relief if even for just a moment. So if you see a tear as I am running down the street it’s not that running is painful it’s the images and stories of evil that reside in my memory that bring with them a sadness that is unavoidable.