Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My training is about to become interesting! By interesting I don't mean fun and exciting such as running a race on stilts or attempting a race blindfolded. No interesting as in looking for odd hours I can fit in a daily run. My work schedule has done the full rotation placing me back on midnights... UGH.... I am not a night owl! So instead of waking up all refreshed and ready to hit the pavement in the mornings I will be falling into bed. 

I can only think of two possible options I have:
  1. Hit the gym as soon as I get off work at 7am.
  2. Go home get some sleep and hit the gym before I go into work at 10pm

Option 1... There will be many mornings I will be so tired and sleepy the act of driving home will take more concentration than I have left in the tank. My performance may suffer due to the tiredness factor. There will also be many mornings, such as this Thursday, I will get off work for an hour only to have to be in court at 8am. On the flip side I know that if I can muster up enough spare energy to get in a run and a bit of weight training I will sleep very well! 

Option 2... Would I be draining myself of vital energy I potentially need at work? It's imperative I bring my A game each and every time I set out to save my small corner of the world. This is probably more of a mindset issue than a reality. I feel like I will not push myself as hard knowing I have to go into work for the night. And most importantly my wonderful husband (6 years and counting =)) would be the one to suffer most of me training after I wake up. Bless his heart he does not get to see me much when I'm working nights as it is! I get home and he has already left for work and when he gets home from work we have just a couple of hours before I am getting ready to go into work. I just don't think I can take those few hours away from him or myself. This would be a good spot to give my husband a big "shout out" Thank you for being so supportive of my career choice and running desires! Your the best and I love you more than life itself!   

Well the sun is beginning to make its way above the trees which means its time for me to get some sleep. Hopefully, I can figure something out that still allows me to get in my daily miles and also maximize the time I get to spend with my hubby, family, and friends. Good night daylight!