Monday, September 5, 2011

Accountability and a Challenge.

As you all know by now I’m new to this triathlon thing. I have one Olympic distance tri under my sneakers and am 21 days away from attempting tri #2 the Augusta 70.3 HIM. (Just saying 21 days away makes me nervous) In the matter of 8 months I have transformed from just a runner to a swimmer, cyclist, runner. Now please don’t misunderstand my term “transformed” I’m not a strong fast swimmer or cyclist but I am attempting to be.

My weakness, by far, is the swimming. While I have the drive and desire to become better at swimming I have caught myself allowing excuses not to swim enter my world. I have an issue with excuses (I hit my wife/husband because, my child does not have clean clothing or food because, I only had 2 beers and drove because… I could go on and on but you get the point) I detest them. Excuses are just that excuses - the lack of taking responsibility for your own actions. Therefore a couple of weeks ago, when I realized I was allowing this plague into my training, I sent my blogger buddy KC over at 140 Point 6 Miles of Awesome a text telling her I was going to swim that day so that I could be held accountable. She surprised me by telling me she had also been slacking in the swim department. Now if you have been following KC you will know she is an amazing triathlete and missing some swimming for her is not going to set her back. I swear that lady is a fish in the water, a power house on the bike, and a cheetah on the run! Anyway she came up with the idea that we hold each other accountable till our perspective races (me the HIM her the IMFL). We made a promise to swim 2 times a weak till our race date. Let me tell you it has done WONDERS for my swimming. I have yet to miss a swim since. There have been days where I just did not want to go but I know she is waiting on my text saying swim # 1 – 2 is done with. My fear of letting someone down is greater than my dislike of swimming so it works for me. I have generally been good at self motivation but for whatever reason I needed to be held accountable for my swimming and I am thankful she is willing to play along.

Speaking of playing along…. Drum roll…. Would you all like to play along with KC’s challenge???

KC sent the ridiculously funny Beth over at Discom-BOB-ulated Running and I an email last week asking if we were up for one of her challenges. Of course like any A-Type personality I said HELL yes probably before I even knew what I was doing. Yes I was that kid that if you said “double dog dare you” on the playground I would die doing the challenge. (I think she knows this) I digress… This challenge is not just for Beth and I you all can play along too if you wish!

The objective is to do the one activity you dread the most 5 times within a 7 day stretch. It has to be done in the same week. The challenge must be completed before 12/31/11. There are rules and perimeters for each of 4 different activities so don’t think you can just run 1 mile 5 days in a row…

The rules based on the activity are:

Running: No less than a 5K (3.1 miles) for each run day.

Biking: No less than 12 miles for each day.

Swimming: No less than 1 mile each day

Weight training: No less than 30 minutes per day

Now if you’re asking what’s in it for you well its simple really… Self satisfaction that you not only just made yourself better at your “weakest” activity but you just conquered a full five days of something you dread. So are you in?????? Come play! 

I of course I will be doing my weakest most dreaded activity  - Running

Just Kidding me and the pool are going to be besties for five days!


  1. Somewhere, deep down, there is a swimmer in you. For me, despite being a slacker at times with the swimming, was when one day i heard myself say, "even if I never do another triathlon, I will keep swimming." GASP! Yep, I said that and I wasn't drinking when I said it. I meant it! Challenge on!! I haven't decided to do it prior to IM or after. Decisions, decisions.

  2. OK I might have 2 IRONMEN under the belt, but I could never do that much swimming, running is no problem and if I had to I could cycle 5 time is a week (not hat I ever did for IRONMAN). So I say worry not about your race you should have no trouble finishing.

    Now put in the rest of the training and kick some butt...

  3. well. we got sucked into this by KC, so you know she'll be done with the challenge this week! i'll probably be doing mine the last week of december. lol

  4. Beth your probably right she will more than likely be done this week! I will be right there with you =) I'm already out this week due to the pool being closed today along with Tue/Thur. I need to start attempting it now just so I can get a full 5 days in one week by December.

    KC maybe it was the chlorine messing with your brain... If I have a swimmer in me she needs to show up already =).

    Thanks Coach Dion! I'm not so sure I can do all that swimming but I can't back down from a challenge. We will see how it goes!

  5. It is one thing to cross training off the schedule but when you tell someone else you are going to do it, that is a whole other thing. Even if it is something small, I feel like I am letting them down if I don't follow through. Can't beleive Augusta is only 21 days away! Yikes!!

  6. You can totally rock this 70.3 because you've put in so much hard work and you are a talented athlete! Have faith in yourself!