Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taking a leap

I spent two full weeks going back and forth on what I felt I "needed" to do vs. what I felt I "wanted" to do. Thus, I finally came to the conclusion that I tend to over-think things and I should just go where I felt lead. So I signed up for the Augusta 1/2 Ironman that will take place on September 25, 2011. I know I am no where near being ready for such a beast of a race but I can't help the pull I feel of such a challenge. I honestly don't have a clue where to even start training for such an event. I know what I need to do running wise since I have trained for the 13.1 miles in solo form but 1. I'M NOT A SWIMMER and 2. While I have enjoyed learning the whole cycling thing I'm not very strong there yet.
The finally push for me came to me in the cartoonist light bulb moment - you know the thoughts you get that just click right into place regardless of the countless hours you have spent searching for the correct answer. You see I have been helping a group, all middle aged gentlemen police officers, with their fitness desires. Some are wanting to be stronger, others just wanting to be healthy and feel better, and a few who just want to be able and run their first 5K (which a couple have done now =)). Anyway, I have written some lifting plans and I run with a group after work for as long as they want to run and at their pace. I have been doing this for about 8 months now. Anyway, I can remember at the beginning all the self doubts and fears they shared with me about starting a fitness plan. I did not always know the right thing to say but I would try and I know they look to me for support and motivation when it comes to their fitness. I don't know why I am not an expert at all in the area I just love anything to do with fitness and I guess that just tends to radiate off me at times. Anyway, it hit me.. Here I am telling these guys that sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone in order to achieve something we want to achieve and yet I was struggling with the exact same thing I am preaching to them about. So there I was thinking how can I attempt to help them overcome their fears of training, distance, pace, whatever if I can't first say I have overcome my own. Just seems to be slightly hypocritical of me to do. So there you have it sometimes those light bulb moments are for the best. Ironman 70.3 Augusta I'm coming for you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where to go from here.

I feel lost without a race on my calendar literally just miserably lost. I need that goal to work towards. It’s odd since my workouts don’t suffer any it’s just my overall mental attitude. I don’t get mean or anything like that just somewhat dejected. I think a lot of this has to do with my career choice. I know I use training as my medication or my escape from the day to day ignorance iniquitous people I am surrounded with. I am okay with this fact because if you think of all the other ways one can de-stress I would say this has to be close to the healthiest. It gives me something to look forward to each day (other than my hubby) and keeps me focused.  Therefore, I have been searching for races during my free time in order to find something to work towards. 
Seconds after completing my first Tri I wanted to do it again. Addicting is not even a strong enough word for the pull I felt in the direction of this new creature. So I started looking for another Tri. I want to do another Olympic distance and get my time down but I also feel like taking it to the next level and attempting a 70.3. I may be a bit insane. I’m not sure I am capable of a 70.3 (the 70 miles will be okay but that .3 may kill me). I noticed the Augusta, Ga ½ Ironman is still open for September 25 2011. I just don’t know if I have enough time to get to where I would want to be. I have 17 weeks from this week but really it would be more like 16 weeks because I am taking Mathew to the Bahamas for a week for his MBA graduation gift in August. I know I will not do much while gone other than a little running. So I don’t think I should factor that week in. I turned in the request to have the weekend off of the ½ ironman but am still waiting on it to get approved from work. I don’t know what is taking them so long to approve it but it has given me time to flip/flop in my head my ability to complete such a distance. I just don’t know. Where do I start??? I have started getting up at 4am and riding my bike on the trainer for an hour before getting ready for work and I love the energy that provides me. I hit the gym on my way home and run and lift. I have yet to make it to the pool but it’s on schedule. I just don’t know I would hate to take on something I am not fully prepared for. All I know for sure is I need to find a race soon.