Saturday, August 13, 2011


Blogger world I would like to introduce you all to the  newest member of my family. 

Insert Circle of Life song here. Yes I hate that I even thought of that reference.    
I was beginning to think he would never arrive. I had actually spent time looking for other bike options due to the shipping mishap. But I am glad I held out. From the moment I took him out of the box I knew he was where he was meant to be. Thus, it was time to find a name.

Interesting how things work out... Just this week as Matt and I were sitting on the beach in Coco Cay, Bahamas sipping on the island drink of the day and reading our separate books (me Lance Armstrongs newest The Making of the Worlds Greatest Champion. (very good read by the way) and Matt some business magazine full of facts and figures Blah). When I turned to him and simply said "I want to go to Hawaii one day" without even looking up from his reading he said "I know and we probably will but once will at least be for a vacation." "You know what for?" "Yup I know". That was the end of the conversation. I sat there for a while trying to figure out #1 how he knew, and #2 what I had just openly admitted I wanted to do (It may have been the island drink talking). Anyway, it was rather odd and I am still not sure where the goal came from but its out there.

As I pulled the bike from its box and sat it out to make sure everything was there I was struck by how detailed and vivid the color design was. The bike is different blues some of which contain a sparkle with white accents. There design seems to resemble waves of rip tides along the bike and the word Ironman is almost taunting you as it is written along the bike in three separate locations.
As I was exchanging excited (I finally got my bike) e-mails with KC I mentioned I wanted to come up with a good name. She sent an e-mail back suggesting I go with a Hawaiian name. After reading her suggestion my mind immediately went back to the previous conversation I had with Matt several days earlier. It was perfect, seemingly meant to be. The bike itself screams Hawaii. 
So I searched for the perfect Hawaiian term that would be fitting for the bike... I slept on it and as soon as I got up this morning and looked at the bike again I knew exactly what his name should be...
Koa [koh (w)ah] meaning Brave, Bold, Fearless.
All these things are things I am not when it comes to the bike. So I find it fitting his name is Koa so I can focus on his name and its meaning and gain these attributes and apply them in my ridding.