Thursday, July 21, 2011

What, I'm Serious!

So I was sent a question through an anonymous source asking if I wear running gear when I go to court. I am guessing it’s due to this Q &A that is going around blogger land as to why I have gotten randomly emailed questions. I have been MIA for a moment so I did not even know about the whole Q&A thing and deleted some questions my apologies. But since you wanted to know…  
Of course I do! I think it's totally appropriate to wear my Nike Frees with the rest of my court room attire. No Really I do! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cancel the BOLO.

I guess I can start by saying it has been not just a minute but a Hot Minute. Sorry, for my absence in writing. I got the message the other morning as I was picking up my OJ in the gas station when I saw the milk carton with my face planted on the side. So cancel the BOLO I’m still here alive and well. No worries.

I am currently in week 8 of my 70.3 training. I decided going with a two-a-day schedule would be my best option when it came to getting my training in and I have stuck with it. I can gladly say I have only had one week, last week, which I feel was almost a complete waste. I don’t know what my problem was but I was just not on my game and each time I tried to run I would literally get sick to my stomach so I did not accomplish much but I am happy to say I have found my game face again. Let’s see my overall miles thus far are: Swim: “about” 7 miles, Bike: 405.05, Run: 119.09 and 21 strength sessions. Still plenty of time left, right…

It’s been interesting trying to juggle family, work, vacation, and training all in. I will say I have learned a ton from this increased training lifestyle. Time management being one big lesson learned. I am currently working the morning shift which is from 6:30am – 3pm so I start my day at 4am on the bike and get almost an hour in before work then as soon as I get off work I head straight to the gym and depending on what is on my schedule swim/run/lift, all three, or a combination. I am usually home right after the hubby gets home have my recovery drink, shower, cook dinner, clean up, get the uniform and gym bag ready for the next day, then go to bed. I feel like an “old old old” (none of you are that old) person since I am now asleep by 9. It’s crazy but I am worn out.

Another thing I have learned, trying to fit training sessions in on a vacation regardless of time length is difficult. My family had their annual Christmas in July vacation over the 4th of July weekend and while I did get some good hill training in I still did not get as much done training wise as I would have had I been home under my normal routine.

How could I when I was surrounded by these adorable little kids for 3 days????  

This brings me to a question… I will be leaving in two weeks for 7 days of straight chillin with my hubby on the high seas/Bahamas thus missing my week 11 of training. This worries me. I know there is a gym on the ship that has the wonderful dreamill and bikes but I’m afraid my husband would be really upset if I spent hours plugging away in a gym while on our vacation… Sigh, so what do you all think is going on vacation supposed to only be about vacation or is it reasonable to expect to still work in some quality workouts? How do you fit training into your vacations??

I do have some interesting news… I decided to purchase a new ride. After consulting with KC on cycling specifics I settled on a Cannondale Ironman 5000 Dura Ace Triathlon bike that I had located on Ebay.
Meet the new addition.

I watched the bike for several days and decided to go after it since the price was what I thought to be a good deal. I placed my bet and won! Super excited. This was a week and 3 days ago now. I got home from work on Monday and saw a box on my front porch but when I opened it there was a set of Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 Carbon Tri tires (which are VERY nice) but not what I bought. I sent the seller an email and explained to him the mix up at which he responded to me by saying the bike store he took my bike and another persons wheelset to must have switched the orders thus giving me the tires and the other person my bike. He has yet to tell me what he is going to do to fix it. So I am still waiting on my bike. I am however, fairly sure someone who spent this much money on a wheelset already has a nice bike and will not opt to keep mine. I just wish they would send it back already and someone would tell me where to send the wheelset. I for one don’t feel right having someones item esp since they want their wheelset i'm sure as much as I want my bike. I sure hope this gets fixed this week.
Happy Training!