Monday, March 7, 2011

A new Plan and The Azalea Century Bike Ride - 28 Miles of road.

I'm a Runner. However, I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself. SOOOOO I have been following the training plans of two fellow bloggers, KC and Heidi, and let me tell you these two women ROCK when it comes to endurance! (I hope you two don't mind me calling you out) But seriously just reading what all they do wears me out and I'm not even doing it. They are BOTH triathletes and reading their training journey has inspired me. So here we go about a month ago I sold my motorcycle aka, my baby, and bought myself a beginners tri bike in the hopes of completing my first Olympic distance Tri on May 21 2011. I decided to buy a brand new lower end bike, Gavin Tri Bike, rather than pay a ton for a used higher end bike just till I figure out if this is for me. The only form of exercise my husband actually enjoys is cycling so I was also happy that getting a bike would allow us to exercise some together. He was planning on doing the Azalea Century Bike Ride on March 5th so I figured I could also attempt my first 28 mile ride for the same event with him. I had about a month to get acquainted with riding. Most of my rides were done on a trainer in my garage due to weather and when I say most I mean all my rides other then one which Matt and I rode 21 miles the Sunday morning a week before the organized ride. I learned then that I am having some issues learning the clip in shoe to peddle thing and have a nasty blue and purple bruise on my lower left leg to prove it...not that big a deal but I could not wear my backup weapon to work for a week. Good thing is I did not need it anyway =)
Saturday March 5th started off cold and windy and did not get much better. The ride started at 8am sharp and I was freezing but once we got started I did not even notice it was cold out. It was not what I would call a flat course at all the hills just about killed me towards the end. However, I learned that riding in such extreme winds, just like running, sucks! We did the full 28 miles side by side in 1 hour and 43 mins. I don't know if this is a good time or not since cycling is new to me but I will say it was a challenge on my body and just completing it felt great! Funny thing is when we went to pick up our swagger bag, pre ride, Matt took out his race number and had this evil large grin on his face so I took mine out and realized he was #1 and I had #2. We spent a large part of the ride teasing each other on this, what I like to call unacceptable mistake, random number selection. ( I think he paid the race director to do this on purpose). Regardless of our numbers the ride was beautiful and I am glad I got to ride next to my best friend and wonderful husband!
March 7th 2011 marks the first day, of a 12 week self made schedule, of triathlon training. Before I could start my training I had to go to the YMCA and make sure my membership went through since I paid for it online through my insurance company. I packed up all my gear and drove to the Y about 8 am a bit nervous about today's swimming session. Don't get me wrong I know how to swim but I have not done any formal swimming since I was about 8 (20 years ago). I was hoping the proper form and technique would still be a resident in my brain somewhere. Anyway, there was some issue with the Y not knowing what they needed to do since the plan I had signed up for was new. So needless to say the pool closed while I was waiting on the staff to figure out what forms I needed to fill out and such. But being an officer I have learned to  Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome in most situations. So I drove back home and started cleaning up my house till 11 then drove back to the Y in order to get in the pool at 11:30. The staff had contacted my insurance company during this time and had figured out all the forms I needed to fill out for them so that is now taken care of THANKFULLY! Time for my first swim. The plan was to not drink all the pool water and drown swim 10x50 meters (20 laps) with a 10 second break between each 50 meters. I had decided on using the freestyle stroke prior to my arrival since I felt like it would be the most efficient. I swam the first 50meters (down and back) and felt like I was out of shape. My arms felt like 50 pound weights and rotating them was more difficult than I had thought. So I had my second Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome for the morning. I decided I would do the Freestyle stoke down and then do the Breaststroke back. That seemed to be a little better. I have a long way to go in terms of swimming and the plan I made has me in the pool twice a week which I may end up increasing if I feel the need. But day one is done. Here is what the rest of my week looks like in terms of training. Stay tuned I'm sure there will be plenty of lessons learned on my part. Today's lesson don't underestimate the swimming portion. Oh and any advice you want to give me is welcomed! Till next time Happy Training. 

Monday: Swim; 10x50 Meters (20 laps)Done
Tuesday: Run; 4-6 miles
Wednesday: Weights, Bike 45 mins
Thursday: Weights, BRICK Bike 30mins - Run 5K
Friday: Swim: 4x100 Meters (16 laps) short rest then 6x50 Meters (12 laps)
Saturday: Gate River 15K (9.3 miles) in Jacksonville FL !!!
Sunday: Day off


  1. Way to I.A.O. x's 2!! Been there, done that. It only gets better from here. I will email you on FB with a few swim tips that helped me get going. The pool humbled me for sure. Having run 30+ marathons and cycling 10,000 miles per year, for many yeats, you would think that the swimming would be no big deal. Pfft! Swam one lap and felt like an amateur or someone who never worked out a day in her life. Stay consistent and all of your fitness will fall right into place. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Being neither a runner, a swimmer and lord knows I'm not that great on a bike, I'm so impressed by your drive and determination in this quest of yours. On May 21st I will be that person standing on the side lines with the huge smile on my face. My heart swelling with pride for all that you have accomplished in your short life. You continue to raise the bar in my eyes each and every day!

  3. I am a runner through and through, but I had a dream of doing an IRONMAN, so I entered one 10 years ago, and because I run and (back then cycled a very little) I was scared of the swim... I could really only get across the pool by holding my breath. but after a bit of swimming I taught myself to breath. I didn't swim much and made it out of the water alive. So what i want to say is swimming is the shortest part of a Tri and if your fear of drowning is gone you will have no problems. your 28 mile ride time is more than fast enough.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great training week--I look forward to following your journey.

  5. That's awesome that you and your husband can enjoy cycling together! Good luck with your training! Oh yeah, too funny about the bib #'s, your husband getting the #1 and you #2!! :)

  6. If I may, I would like to correct you on how long you have been swimming. You were right at 6 weeks the very first time I got you into a pool, you loved the water from the first second you got wet. I even dunked you and you held your breath like a pro at that age! Your Grand Mother almost hit me for that!!!!! Then by the age of 5 you were taking swimming lessons and you took them for three summers in a row. Since we lived on the lake I wanted you and your brothers to know how to swim. You have been a water dog since the age of 6 weeks!